Massage treatments for her and him

Our physiotherapist will advise you individually.

By our physiotherapist

Classic full body massage (45 min)
Price: 64.- €

Back massage, for shoulder and back (25 min)
Price: 45.- €

Leg massage, for calves and thighs (20 min)
Price: 43.- €

Foot reflexology (20 min)
Price: 43.- €

Manual lymph drainage (45 min)
Price: 60.- €

Hot-Stone-Massage (50 min)
Massage and holistic relaxation experience through the soothing laying of hot stones
Price: 86.- €

Hits for kids

Aromatic oil massage for young ladies and gentlemen (20 min)
Price: 36.- €

By our physiotherapist

Aroma oil massage
Massage with essential oils that are gently massaged into the skin. Depending on the type of fragrance used, the aroma oil massage has a stimulating or relaxing effect.
Price (25 min.): 45.- €

By our physiotherapist

Ayurveda massage
Bring body, mind and soul into harmony Ayurveda is an Indian massage technique in which over 100 marble dots are distributed throughout the body.
Price (55 min.): 97.- €


Personal instruction and care at the cardio and weight machines in the gym by our trained fitness trainer. Dates by arrangement.